COVID 19 Testing Services

TAC Healthcare offers certificates for travel with PCR Covid-19 testing. If you have a not detected result for Covid-19, TAC Healthcare will provide you with a Covid-19 certificate for travel signed by an NHS trained UK General Medical Council (GMC) doctor.

A certificate for travel is a medical certificate written by a doctor that confirms your COVID-19 status. Please note that we can only issue a certificate for travel if COVID-19 is not detected in your sample.

Self-collect your sample from home following the instructions provided. This is an easy to follow and gentle process, no different to using a cotton swab to clean the inside of your nose and dab the inside of your throat

We are offering free express shipping with all orders of our Coronavirus Test (COVID-19). We expect your test will arrive within 1-2 days, with tracked shipping direct to your home.

Our test includes a prepaid shipping label to deliver the sample to our laboratory for processing. You will receive notifications by SMS and email to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

We aim to deliver your results to your secure online account within 24 hours after lab receipt. Due to the current global circumstances, minor delays may occur in some cases. We are making every effort to ensure that results are delivered on time. An official lab report will be made available to you, to serve as proof of your result.